The Carrajina Project
Welcome to the Carrajina Project home page.  Here you will find links to all aspects of the Carrajina Project.  This is an exercise in alternate history and constructed linguistics.  This project started with a question -- What if the Latin language had not died out in North Africa as it did in our timeline, but had prospered and produced a modern Romance language as it did in in Western Europe and Romania?

From that question work began on the Carthaginian language --la limba Carrajina.  Work on sound changes, nouns, pronouns and conjugations of verbs is basically complete.  Building the vocabulary and the construction of idioms and production of texts are current foci.

To create a plausible environment for the development of this language, a parrallel project in alternate history was begun to re-write the history of North Africa.  The history has been established from Phoenician times up to the middle of the thirteenth century. The effects of the very different outcome the Hundred Year's War are currently under concideration as are the early days of the Carraxan monarchy specifically the events surrounding the War of the Two Queens.
Map of Caraxa and surrounding countries
Note: Carraxa is the nation colored cyan.
La Istoja/The History
La Limba/The Language
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La Cutura/The Culture
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